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Mozambique Travel Information

The following travel information has been compiled for your convenience to ensure that you have a carefree trip to and from Mozambique. Pay special attention to the compulsory checklist and ensure that all of your documentation is in order prior to embarking on your trip.

Before You Go - CHECK LIST

  • Passports:
    SADC Residents - must be valid for at least 60 days with 2 empty pages. Non SADC Residents must be valid for 6 months with 2 empty pages. Visas are required and can be obtained at the border. Always keep passports of Moz notarized copy with you.
  • Unabridged Birth Certificates (UBC):
    All minors into or out of RSA require a Passport or Birth Certificate (with details of both parents). If not, then obtain a UBC. If UBC is not received in time, request an Annexure A letter. Do not forget valid passports.
  • Car Registration and Ownership Documents:
    If vehicle is still under finance you must get a letter of perimssion to cross the border.
  • Letter from your insurance company confirming cross-border insurance.
  • Completed & signed Temporary Import permit (at the border).
  • RSA & SADC Driver's Licence
    allowed, other require international drivers' licence.
  • Compulsory 3rd Party Insurance
    and optional Legal and Roadside Assist available online at www.drivemoz.isureafrica.com or at the border and other travel shops.
  • 2 x Triangles
  • 2 x Reflective Vests
    (yellow or green) for front passengers
  • Black and White ZA Sticker
    (on rear of vehicle, must be visible when towing)
  • Vehicles Towing
    must have a blue and yellow triangular sticker on the vehicle as well as any object in tow. Vehicle - front right bumper. Towing object - rear.
  • Fire Extinguishers
    Not compulsory but always a good thing to have.

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The Police

The police on the roads are not there just to harass tourists, it is their job to stop people and check their papers and drivers licenses.
Police dressed in grey or green are not allowed to fine you for any traffic offenses.

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What To Do If You're Stopped By Traffic Police

This form, of advice is designed to help you in the event of Language and Cultural difficulties when stopped by the Police on the Mozambican Roads.

  • Traffic police are dressed in a white shirt and blue trousers - police in grey or green are not allowed to fine you for any traffic offenses.
  • Put on your indicator and pull over.
  • Remove your sun-glasses and turn the music down (a sign of respect and trust).
  • Greet the officer politely, never be rude.
  • Wait for him to ask what he wants and check he is wearing his badge before showing your identification (no badge then no questions or fine): Go through the motions of showing your license etc (you do not have to hand it over): If you are guilty of an offence first apologise.

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Common Traffic Offences

  • No drivers licence
  • Speeding
  • Non-road worthy vehicle (lights/brakes etc not working)
  • Not having 2 triangles
  • Not having 2 safety jackets
  • Not having an insurance policy
  • Not wearing seat belts (in front and back)
  • Drunk driving
  • Alcohol in vehicle - must be sealed in the boot

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In The Event of an Accident

What to do if you're involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle or other persons.
  • If the accident is between vehicles or persons don't remove your vehicle before the police arrive at site of the accident.
  • If a person is injured (but not badly) put him in a vehicle (not the one involved in a collision with another vehicle) and take him and someone who knows the person to the nearest hospital and ask the medical doctor or assistant to call the police.

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