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Alternative Route To Zona Braza Avoiding Maputo

Travel from the Komatipoort border to Zona Braza taking the Moamba or Sabie gravel road: Approx. 1km after Moamba tollgate plaza, take the turn off to your left, Moamba. Left again towards Moamba town. Go over the train track. ln Moamba town you will reach a park on your right (Clube de Moamba) at the end of this park, turn right (shop on left after turn and a church). Drive until you get a split in the road - straight is Moamba road and to the left over the bridge is Sabie - Magude road. You can take both roads. Sabie town has a small petrol station. You will reach the town of Magude, keep on going straight until you reach the bridge. Go over the bridge, turn left when you reach a T-junction (left to the town of Xinavane. To your right is the Moamba road. Drive through the town of Xinavane until you reach a T-junction, turn to your left towards Xai Xai. You are now again on the main road EN1

Travel back from Zona Braza to the Komatipoort border taking the gravel road:From Xai Xai drive app 135km past the town of Macia After Macia, 3 small towns - last town Incoluane. First turn-off to the right is the town Xinavane (standard bank and millennium bank atm signs next to the road in front to the right) Drive through the town of Xinavane. When you reach a dirt road turn to the right towards Magude (Nsaleni lodge sign to the right) Moamba road is straight. Drive next to the train track, then over the bridge, keep going straight. You will reach a circle go in on 6h00 and out on 12h00 (straight) - government building on the left. Straight over the dirt road. You will see Construa building on the left. 1st split will show Nsaleni Lodge to the left, KEEP RIGHT. 2ND SPLIT PANJANE, KEEP LEFT. 3RD SPLIT ZANE, KEEP LEFT Keep on straight until you reach Moamba. Left at the corner where the park ends. Keep straight until you get the turn-off to the right Komatiepoort EN1.


Ringroad to avoid Maputo 26 April 2016