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Directions To Zona Braza Beach Lodge

  • 1st Tollgate, Moamba Plaza – mts190.
  • Driving towards Maputo, passing the weigh bridge, just after the Matola Rio (river) find the entrance for the Ring Road. Do not use this road with or after heavy rains.
  • Drive on the Ring Road until you get the Xai Xai turn off to your left.
  • You are on the EN 1 North (Xai Xai road)


  • Keep on driving straight toward Maputo
  • Turn left to Maputo city – at this robot, you will find a small shopping centre with SHOPRITE, OK, Mundos restaurant, and other small shops.
  • 2nd Tollgate, Maputo Plaza – mts50
  • Turn left at the sign indicating Xai Xai
From Ring Road and Maputo
  • You are on the EN1 North (Xai Xai road)
  • You will drive through various small towns: Marraquenne, Maniça, Palmeiras, 3 de Fevereiras, Magul, Mimbiri, Macia, Incaia, more small towns, Chucumbane, Xai Xai
  • When driving through Xai Xai town, you will get the last petrol garages (Petro Moc) on your left and right.
  • From this point it is ± 40km to the turn off.
  • You will drive through the towns of Chongoene, Nhamavilla and the last town, Chizavane.
  • You will pass East Africa Safaris and Chiguanga signs on your right, please slow down when entering the 80 - 60km zone, keep on driving only 60km or less.
  • Past the first permanent police post, and then speed trap! After ± 1km out of the town Chizavane Beach sign (brown), you will reach a dirt road.
  • Just after the Beach of Chizavane sign-.
  • You will find a ZONA BRAZA SIGN on your right and left as well as Nascer de Sol sign.
  • Turn right at this sign into the dirt road.
  • You will drive ± 10km straight on this dirt road.
  • When you reach the sign: Zona Braza 700m.
  • Turn Right at this sign and left to the following Zona Braza sign 700m.