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Directions from Komatiepoort (Lebombo)

Take the N4 towards Komatipoort (Witbank, Nelspruit, Malelane, Komatipoort) you will reach the Lebombo border going through to Mozambique.
Follow the EN1 towards Maputo.

1st Tollgate, Moamba Plaza – mts135. On the double road towards Maputo you will get the first robot, turn left. (On your left hand side you will find a shopping centre with a SHOPRITE).

2nd Tollgate, Maputo Plaza – 25mts – don't take "tag only lane" at the tollgates. After this tollgate you follow the Xai Xai off ramp to the left. You are on the EN1 North (Xai Xai road). You will drive through various small towns: Marraquenne, Maniça, Palmeiras, 3 de Fevereiras, Magul, Mimbiri, Macia, Incaia, Chucumbane, Xai Xai.

When driving through Xai Xai town, you will get the last petrol garage (Petro Moc) on your left and right. From this point it is ± 40km to the turn off. You will drive through the towns of Chongoene, Nhamavilla and the last town, Chizavane. You will pass East Africa Safaris and Paradise Magoo signs on your right, please slow down when entering the 80 -60km zone, keep on driving only 60km or less.

Past the first permanent police post, and then speed trap! After ± 1km out of the town Chizavane, you will reach a dirt road. You will see a ZONA BRAZA SIGN – 10KM and Nascer de Sol sign.

Turn right at this sign into the dirt road. You will drive ± 10km straight on this dirt road. When you reach the sign: Zona Braza 700m. Turn Right at this sign and left to the following Zona Braza sign 700m.